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DIAMOND Push-button Three Way Thermostatic System - Kit 1

SKU F59123-FM16ATS
Color: Matte Black
Rainhead Styles: 16" Flush Mounted



Phone number: (1) 647-921-9266


This is the new generation of thermostatic control valves, which has three great improvements on the design and funcitons. Firstly, this is the integrated rough-in, different from tradition design with three shut-off valves and one temperature control vavle, it will save work and time in the installation. Secondly, supporting single outlet, two outlets or three outlets running water at the same time. The maximum flow rate reaches 11.6 GPM @60 psi when running three outlets together. Thirdly, this unique design, composing of the convienient push-button design, temperature control, volume control and modern looking , are beyond other designs in the market.  

The shower system takes pure and simple geometric forms and composes them into an expression of modern luxury. Not only does it add contemporary style to your master room ensemble with its clean-lined solid brass design and also adds unparalleled functionality. Enjoy the major selections of shower parts and perfect for relaxation.

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